Vacation homes are havens of tranquility and relaxation, but during periods of inactivity, these properties can face several issues, with humidity being one of the most common and concerning. The lack of occupancy and proper ventilation can lead to the accumulation of moisture in the environment, causing structural damage and affecting indoor air quality.


Inadequate ventilation results in visible and harmful effects, such as:

Humidity from condensation: Common in bathrooms and kitchens, leading to wall sweating and moisture stains.

Mold growth: Affects walls, clothes, and footwear, causing aesthetic and health problems.

Bad odors: Persistent moisture causes unpleasant smells.

Allergies: Dust mites and mold spores can trigger allergic reactions.

Risk of respiratory diseases: Humidity and lack of air renewal increase the likelihood of viral and bacterial disease transmission.

Condensation humidity is particularly problematic, manifesting as wall stains, mold near windows, and musty smells in textiles. This not only deteriorates the property structure but also damages furniture and personal belongings.


Upon returning from vacation, it is crucial to ventilate all rooms to expel excess moisture. Bedding and clothing affected by musty odors should be washed, and the house should be thoroughly cleaned to disinfect and improve air quality.

Avoiding homemade solutions is essential, as they often conceal the problem rather than solve it. Accumulated moisture, if not properly addressed, can compromise the integrity of the property and its material possessions.


At Mar Menor Management, we prevent and resolve humidity issues through:

Thorough inspections: We identify leaks in roofs, walls, and floors, especially in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Regular ventilation: During our visits, we open windows and doors to ensure proper air circulation.

Maintenance of drainage systems: Keeping gutters and drainage systems clean prevents water leaks.

We have trained professionals capable of performing any necessary work, renovations, or repairs, ensuring the preservation and good condition of your vacation home.