Bellaluz Community, nestled within the expansive La Manga Club, offers an array of exceptional amenities amidst its picturesque surroundings. As the largest pueblo within La Manga Club, Bellaluz stands out for its meticulously maintained grounds and gardens, creating a serene environment for residents and visitors alike.

At the heart of Bellaluz lies the Plaza Mayor, a vibrant center boasting a collection of bars, restaurants, a supermarket, shops, and boutiques. This lively pueblo serves as a social hub, featuring traditional architecture and essential amenities like shops, a pharmacy, and various dining options.

One of Bellaluz’s main attractions is its extraordinary heated pool, complemented by a jet spa pool and a small bar area, perfect for indulging in lazy summer days. Residents from neighboring pueblos frequently visit Bellaluz, recognizing it as the heart of La Manga Club due to its unique facilities and lively atmosphere.

Additionally, Bellaluz offers one of the largest swimming pools on the La Manga Club complex, complete with a children’s section and a poolside bar operating during the summer months. Most of the resort’s facilities and entertainment options are easily accessible, with the La Plaza Centre and La Manga Tennis Centre just a 10-minute stroll away, while the golf courses and Principe Felipe La Manga Hotel are only a few minutes’ drive. Bellaluz truly encapsulates the essence of community living and leisure within the splendor of La Manga Club.